Bank Holidays in March 2022: Check details here

As per the information passed by the Central Bank of India, there are 13 holidays in March. The RBI divides the holidays into national and regional categories. On holidays falling in the national category, all banks across India are closed while on holidays in the regional section, branches in some states remain closed. As the closure of banks might affect customers who need to physically visit a branch, it is important to know the holiday dates beforehand. However, ATM and online banking services will continue to operate during this time.

March 1 (Tuesday): Mahashivratri, banks will be closed in Gujarat.
March 3 (Thursday): With Losar falling on this day, banks will remain closed in Sikkim.
March 4: (Friday): Banks will be closed in Mizoram due to Chapchar Kut.
March 17: Thursday: Holika Dahan, banks will be shut in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand.
March 18: (Friday): Holi, banks will be closed in Karnataka, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Manipur, Tripura.
March 19: (Saturday): Banks to be closed Orissa, Manipur and Bihar due to Holi.
March 22: (Tuesday): Banks in Bihar will remain closed to mark the Bihar Divas.
Banks will also be closed on the second and fourth weekends.
Meanwhile, banks across India had a total of 12 holidays in February 2022.

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