Horoscope Today, March 7: Keep Reading

Today is the fifth day and Monday of Phalguna Shukla Paksha. Panchami Tithi will remain till 10.32 pm. Tonight there will be Indra Yoga till 12:01 am.

Aries- A great day. There is a possibility of getting the money back. You can think of doing new work, which will give you opportunities to make money in future. Your mind will be more engaged in worship. You will make a new friend, with whom your friendship will go well. You will get help from some people in a difficult situation. Your material comforts will increase. Will make a plan to go on a trip in connection with the business. Your journey will also be pleasant. Today all your work will be done.

Taurus- Today you will make people agree with your plans. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family due to the arrival of a relative at home. Will go somewhere for fun with them. Your financial condition will be better. New avenues of progress will open. Some important work will be completed. You will look very happy.

Gemini- Today your day will be normal. You should be a little careful with new people. It would be better to take the advice of elders in any work, children may take less interest towards studies. You should stay away from opponents in business. Seniors in the office will be happy with your work and will gift you something. You should do yoga to keep yourself fit. All the problems coming in business will be removed. In the evening, you will spend time with your spouse.

Cancer- Your day will be fine today. Your rising expenses may bother you a bit. You will plan to go somewhere with your spouse. Some work can take more effort and time than anticipated. You will try to improve your friendship relationships. You should take any decision related to business carefully, it will be better. You will get success in completing some of your special works. You will get support from family members. All will be well with you.

Leo- Today your day will be spent travelling. You will go on a trip somewhere for entertainment with family members. The business class of this zodiac will suddenly get some big money, due to which the economic condition will be stronger than before. You will make some changes to your daily routine. Your full focus will be on advancing your career. You will feel very good by helping a needy person. Family ties will be strong. There is a possibility of a little guest coming into the house.

Virgo- You will have a better day today. You will get sudden monetary gains. Many of your plans will be completed on time. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in your family. You will get a lot of success in the workplace. You will achieve a lot with your energy. Your heart’s wish will be fulfilled. You will get benefits in financial matters. You will take new steps to make the future better. Children will give you a reason to be proud. Success will kiss your feet.

Libra- Workload will be more on you, due to which you will feel tired. The opinion of an experienced person in some work will prove to be better for you. You will benefit from the business, but you should keep control of your expenses. Your thought work will be completed. Advice taken from parents for some work will be better for you. Your problem will be over.

Scorpio- A wonderful day today. By getting some good news till evening, there will be an atmosphere of happiness in the house. Your status in society will increase. Today will be a good day for married people. Chances of meeting a new person are being made. The spouse will be happy with your behaviour. You will get the responsibility of a new project in the office. You will handle everything better. You will benefit from any transaction. The atmosphere of the house will be full of happiness.

Sagittarius- You will be fully capable of completing work in the office. Today will be a great day for the students studying the law of this zodiac. You will also get a chance to do an internship with a senior lawyer. You will set new dimensions in your career. Whatever help you expect, you will get help in time. You will get success in all work.

Capricorn-Today a new change will come in your life. If you are associated with the field of art, then you will see many new avenues of progress open. Today is a favourable day for the students. You will find a quick way to solve a problem. You will also get the support of your seniors. You will be successful to a great extent in all your endeavours. The spouse will respect your feelings. Overall, today is going to be a good day for you.

Aquarius-Today your day will be pleasant. You will feel healthy. Your work will be completed on time. Also, you will definitely get the fruits of your hard work. You will benefit from a new contact. Some people will like your generosity. Colleagues in the office will be ready to help you. Students will get great success soon. Your financial side will be strong. Will talk to friends on a particular topic.

Pisces-Today your day will be mixed. Today you will get a chance to attend a family function. Some people will be happy to see you there. Apart from this, today you will have to make efforts to strengthen your relationships. Your confidence will be increased. Seniors will be happy with some of your work. Today you need to take special care of your health. You will get a promotion in your job. You will make a plan to go somewhere with your spouse.

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