Fraud alert: Social media accounts offering government services are fake, UAE police warn

The UAE Police warned online fraud alerts offering government services are fake. The warning came out in the arise of Victims falling prey to scammers advertising on social media platforms as representatives of licensed companies specialised in completing government services. Several residents in the UAE, who sought these services in return for a nominal fee, have lodged police complaints after being defrauded.

The authorities have confirmed that fake representatives posing on behalf of licensed companies specialised in completing residency procedures, vehicle licenses, apartment rental contracts, enrolment of children in schools have deceived many residents. The victims found out that they had been targeted by fraudsters who stole large sums of money from them for official transactions that were not completed.

Following the spread of these illegal practices, the Ministry of Interior warned against dealing with those who exploited the pandemic to swindle people by posting advertisements to provide services of completing transactions. The Sharjah Police has also created electronic patrols to eliminate information technology crimes by monitoring suspicious and fake accounts of impersonators. An official at Dubai Police police said that they had received many complaints related to this kind of fraud, especially during the pandemic. Salim Sahoh, a legal advocate at Sharjah courts, said that the charges against the perpetrators of these crimes include a prison term of no less than two years and a fine of Dh20,000.

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