No Smoking Day 2022; Why it is important?

Today March 9 is celebrated as ‘No Smoking Day’ all around the globe mainly The United Kingdom. So on this day, we have to be aware of why Smoking is injurious to health?. Smoking cigarettes, beedi and other tobacco substances take a huge dig on a person’s health. Lungs become weak and people suffer various breathing diseases, one of them being Asthma. To create awareness amongst people about the ill effects of smoking and to motivate them to quit smoking, every year No Smoking Day is celebrated on the second Wednesday of March.

This year, No Smoking Day falls on March 9. The day is inspired by No Tobacco Day and is majorly celebrated in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom witnessed that the people in the country are getting addicted to smoking. In 1984, the day was observed for the first time. Earlier, it was celebrated on the first Wednesday of March as it began on Ash Wednesday. However, with time, it shifted to the second Wednesday. Now, it is celebrated as an annual event all over the United Kingdom and in other countries too. The day was started with the objective of helping addictive smokers to quit smoking forever.

This is a health awareness day that takes place every year with a different theme. Few of the successful themes have been ‘Break Free’ and ‘Time to Quit?’ In March 2022, the theme is said to be ‘quitting smoking doesn’t have to be stressful.’ The focus of this year will be on calming down people who want to quit smoking and letting them know that the process need not be stressful. The day was significantly started to aware people of the ill effects of smoking and help them quit it on time. Giving up smoking takes a lot of dedication and motivation as ones who smoke on a regular basis, their bodies get addicted to it. If they stop having a smoke, their body reacts in a way that they crave tobacco. Therefore, the day is a great opportunity for everyone to take the first step towards quitting this deadly habit. According to various researches, it is found that No Smoking Day has proven to be helpful to one out of ten people who wanted to quit this ill habit.

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