Agent Smija sold lottery won the second prize of 25 lakh

Lottery agent Smija is famous for her selfless act and won many hearts through her character. Her agency sold ticket has won the second prize of 25 lakhs. The ticket that she set aside on request by a buyer has won the second prize. Tamil Nadu native Subbarao Padma living in Hyderabad is the one who won the prize worth Rs 25 lakhs. Smija is waiting to meet the Padma to hand over the ticket that she bought for her.

It was exactly one year back that Aluva native Chandran bought a ticket from Smija through phone, promising to pay her in person. When that ticket won the bumper prize, Smija earned the praise of many for giving the ticket to Chandran. Subbarao Padma found Smija after hearing about her on the news.

The Padma also met Smija in person by going to her ticket counter set up in front of Rajagiri Hospital in Aluva and has frequently bought tickets from Smija since then. She buys daily tickets and bumper tickets from Smija. She would pay the money online and Smija would set aside the tickets. Smija has handed over small prizes won for tickets taken by Padma so far.

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