Privatisation in higher education sector: Six colleges express interest in Kerala

The Kerala government plans to allow private players in the higher education sector, six major educational institutes in the state have expressed interest to be entitled as deemed private universities. At present, five government colleges have conveyed their interest to become deemed universities.

While one private college has expressed interest in private university entitlement. CPM has released a new policy document envisioning the future course of Kerala. One of the major suggestions in the document mentions that more private players should be given opportunities to become world-class educational institutions.

However, the government has not considered the interests of these colleges officially. These colleges are approaching the government considering the change of course in the administration’s outlook. Meanwhile, the government has already assigned the higher education department to prepare the required policy framework.

For deemed university entitlement, a college should have at least 3000 students. It is learnt that the government is eyeing to bring major educational agencies, their campus aid and unaided institutes under the deemed universities. During the UDF government’s term, the LDF had opposed privatisation in the education sector, that is entitling the colleges as deemed universities. During that time, 17 aided colleges got autonomous status. Last LDF gave autonomous status to three private engineering colleges.

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