Kannur girl chases down the passenger who misbehaved on the bus, hands over to police

A young woman from Kannur chases down a passenger who misbehaved on the bus and hands it over to the police. Karivellur native PT Arathi, chased the misbehaved co-passenger and handed it to the police. While travelling in a KSRTC bus from her place to Kanhangad a man named Rajeev (52), started to disturb Arathi when the bus reached Neeleswaram. She warned him multiple times but he continued to mistreat her. No one on the bus helped her or responded.

Arathi then took the phone to call the Pink Police. Meanwhile, he got off the bus and ran away when the bus stopped at Kanhangad town. She was determined to not leave the abuser. She chased him. Arathi took his photo as well in case she misses him. When he got into a lottery stall pretending to be a customer, she sought the help of the natives to catch him. Kanhangad police arrested Rajeev based on her complaint.

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