Rape case; ‘Amma’ ready to take action against actor Vijay Babu

‘Amma’ is all set to take action against actor Vijay Babu in a rape case. Mohanlal, the president of the organization, has verbally agreed to take action against the actor.

The women in the Amma Executive Committee have unanimously demanded action against Vijay Babu.

Vijay Babu had asked for a day to explain the matter. The organization is preparing for action in the event that this time limit expires.

Meanwhile, Vijay Babu has approached the court seeking anticipatory bail. In his bail plea, Vijay Babu alleged that the complainant had intended to blackmail him and get more opportunities in the film.

The complainant was asked to audition when asked directly about a film he had made.

Vijay Babu says in the bail plea that the actress tried to establish more relationship after getting the role through audition.

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