“Film association AMMA wants its members to remain mute”

Actress Revathi said that the association does not allow its members to be vocal about everything that happening in the Industry. She said that she is still a member of the association but would have to face disciplinary action for voicing her opinion on the matter. “WCC clearly wants the report to come out. There is no change in that. There may be many instances listed out in confidence in the report.

The report must be brought out like study material. Only then we can isolate the issues and address them properly,” she said. “I do not know how to think politically. I also do not understand the reason why the minister is adamant about not releasing the report. Bringing out such a study is a landmark in the Malayalam film industry. I do not know if such a comprehensive study has taken place anywhere else, which is why this is very important. I can’t wrap my head around all the noise over this matter,” she added.


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