Food that to avoid while travelling!

Travelling is all about food, fun, and good company. People like to plan their whole travel itinerary before heading out. In which one of the most important things is what food to have at what time so that you can enjoy travel without falling ill. Many people prefer having food that is light on the stomach as it is easily digested and also requires less time in preparation. This article helps to choose food during travel.

1. Hot drinks like tea, coffee, or soup are fine to drink until they become warm or cool down. It is suggested not to have them once they are cool.
2. Avoid having raw food items like fruits, vegetables, raw meat, or uncooked seafood. Even if you are having them make sure that they are washed properly. These food items are more likely to carry germs that can make you fall sick on your travelling journey.
3. Try to avoid having street food as it may lack proper hygiene in preparation and cooking.

4. Avoid eating food that is served in a buffet. The food gets prepared and is allowed to sit at room temperature for hours which gets contaminated after a while.
5. Try and avoid drinking tap water, especially in places that do not have proper hygiene.

6. Try and avoid fountain drinks. Whenever you place an order for a fountain drink

7. Avoid eating fruits like apples, berries, grapes, and others that do not require peeling. Fruits like bananas and oranges are safer to eat as their skin is required to be peeled before eating them and it also keeps the bacteria away, unlike other fruits.
8. Refined and processed food items like bread, biscuits, and cakes can make you feel bloated after a while of consumption.


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