60 feared dead as Russian bomb hits school in eastern Ukraine

At least 60 feared people dead after a school was bombed on Sunday in eastern Ukraine. As per the reports of the news agency, the school sheltered about 90 people in the basement as Moscow’s invading forces kept up their barrage of cities, towns and villages in eastern and southern Ukraine.

The incident comes ahead of Victory Day, Russia’s most patriotic of dates, marking the Soviet Union’s role in defeating Nazi Germany in World War II. The governor of Luhansk province, one of two areas that make up the eastern industrial heartland known as the Donbas, said the school in the village of Bilohorivka caught fire after Saturday’s bombing.

Emergency crews found two bodies and rescued 30 people, he said. All the remaining women, children and older civilians who had been sheltering with Ukrainian fighters in a sprawling steel mill that is the city’s last defence holdout were evacuated Saturday.

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