Newborn baby slips from mom’s hand fall into river in Malappuram

An 11-day-old baby girl slipped from her mother’s hand and fell into the river. The tragic incident happened on Tuesday around 11:00 PM in the Elamkulam region. Despite a search by relatives, locals and fire and safety personnel, there is no clue about the newborn. It is learnt that the mother, who has been taking treatment for mental illness, carried the baby to the railway bridge which is just half a kilometre from the house.

The baby reportedly slipped from her hands when she tried to elude the goods train to pass through the railway bridge, from Nilambur to Shoranur. According to the statement given by relatives, the mother and child were missing from 9:00 PM. The relatives were in search of them but the woman returned. When they asked her about the baby she explained the matter. The woman said that the child slipped from her hands due to the vibrations caused by the approaching train on the bridge.

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