5 rules to follow for a healthy body and lifestyle

To lead a healthy life, human beings need physical health and mental health together. Even one can’t balance the other. 5 rules are that we have to follow in our daily routine to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Ensuring the nutrition- Ensures we nourish our body with all the nutrients it needs from protein, carbohydrates, and fats to vitamins and minerals. While ensuring that our total caloric intake is in line with our body composition goals.

exercising and activity- Exercising at least 3-5 times/week is great for our physical and mental health. Any form of exercise that is safe for us and we enjoy is a great start for most of us. Coupling that up with staying active on a daily basis and walking more steps (8-10k steps) makes a perfect combination.

sleep- Sleeping for 7+ hours every night is fantastic for Optimal fat loss, brain function, recovery from workouts etc. Sleeping also enough improves our productivity and reduces cravings, hunger, reduces inflammation and emotional reactivity.

Stress management and mindfulness- stress management is equally important, if stress is managed properly, it can actually help us perform better and achieve our goals. Remember, the quality of our thoughts dictates the quality of our life.

Environment and routine management- Food habits and people we follow on social media. For everything keep a time and limit.

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