Minimum age for school admissions in Kerala set at 5

Minimum age of children for school admission in the Kerala is set to 5. As per the general education department, the children who turn 5 years before June 1 can be admitted to school admission. The draft school manual also clarifies that children who have not turned 5 before June 1 cannot be admitted to standard one.

The national education policy states that children must have completed pre-schooling before joining and that can start at the age of three. The differently-abled children are allowed to be admitted till the age of 18. Malayalam medium is compulsary in primary division of a government or government-aided school. The English medium division can be started in schools with more than 30 students in one class.

New English medium divisions will be permitted in classes I, V and VIII which shows the state is not implementing the New Education Policy recommendations this year. No fee will be imposed till class VIII. Admission fee and special fee will be charged in classes 9 and 10. Fees for Higher secondary will be announced in the prospectus. The general education department has initiated discussion on the draft released by minister V Sivankutty. CBSE schools have also decided to follow the same criterion for admission in Kerala.

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