Snapchat to introduce new safety parameters for minors

Snapchat, planning to introduce new safety parameters for minors. The new feature is named “Family Center,” which will allow parents to see who are the friends of their kids on the app. As per the report filed by TechCrunch, the new feature will enable the parents to check on a minor’s Snapchat account, for who has been messaging their kid for over the past seven days or more.

The report further states: “Snap is one of the last Big Tech social platforms to address the need for parental monitoring tools, though its app sees heavy use among younger users.”

The Snapchat app has reportedly stated that 75 per cent of users on Snapchat are between the age group of 13 years to 34 years old. The stats are basically of over 20 countries, and furthermore, 80% of the Gen Z population had watched at least one of its Snap Original shows. This new feature also allows parents to assist their teens in reporting abuse and harassment.

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