Want to add a link to your Instagram Story to get more users?

Instagram has added a feature where users can add a link in their story posts quite some time back, but still many find it difficult to use it. Though initially, it was certain users who were liable to use the function. The creator used to have over 10,000+ users who had the privilege to swipe up and link stories on Instagram. Now, with the new update, Instagram has enabled the user to add links to any part of the story.

Read to know how to add links to the story-

First, open the story section and for that, you need to swipe right from the Instagram home page. You may either use a photo or a video to update your story. Once the photo or video is placed, you can swipe up to find the sticker tray with the ‘Link’ option written. Click on the Link option and there, place the URL which you would be. The link will be shown like any other sticker which you add to your story. The only difference is that, unlike other stickers, this link is clickable.

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