World Menstrual Hygiene Day 2022

Every year May 27 is celebrated as World Menstrual Hygiene Day. This day is celebrated to bring awareness about menstruation, provide safe and hygienic practices to girls and eradicate persisting taboos and stigma. Even in the 21st century, several women and young girls do not have access to proper menstrual knowledge, and menstrual hygiene infrastructure including sanitary napkins, clean toilets, or even safe disposal.

According to UNFPA, May 28 signifies the menstrual cycle of females. As a fertility cycle lasts for 28 days, the date chosen to mark the day is 28. In the same way, an average period lasts for five days and therefore May, the fifth day of the month is selected. This year, the theme for World Menstrual Hygiene Day is ‘making menstruation a normal fact of life by 2030’.

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