State Film Awards; Actor Indrans comes out against jury; `Home’ ignored

Actor Indrans opened up against the awards declared at the 52nd Kerala State Film Awards. He accused that the jury had ignored the movie ‘Home’. His statements surfaced when criticisms against the jury invigorated on social media for not recognising the performance of Indrans in the movie ‘Home’.

Allegations are also raised that the movie was kept aside as it was produced by Vijay Babu, an accused in a sexual assault case. Indrans alleged that the jury might have not seen the movie ‘Home’. ‘How can the whole family be punished, if a member in the home commits a mistake?’, Indrans asked. He also asked whether the jury would watch the movie if the accused was found innocent of the crime.

Indrans said that he was not had any problem with not considering him. But ‘Home’ could be at least recognised along with ‘Hridayam’, which was selected as the best film with popular appeal and aesthetic value.

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