27 year old who went on hunting with friends shot dead in Malappuram

A 27 year old Chengottur native who went on hunting with friends shot dead in Malappuram. He was shot accidentally during the hunting. Inshad (27) was identified as the deceased. It is hinted that the police have arrested two accused in connection with the case. The mishap took place at around 3 pm on Sunday.

The three-member gang had gone on a hunt in the woods near Chengottur road in Chattiparamb. It is hinted that Inshad was shot by mistake while aiming for a wild boar. Kottakkal station Inspector MK Shaji said that the course of events that led to the death can only be understood after a thorough investigation as the place it happened is an isolated area.

The accused were charged with culpable homicide. The police also said that the gun used for the crime does not have a license. The body is being kept at EMS Medical College in Perinthalmanna. The body will be cremated on Monday after completing the post-mortem. Inshad is the son of Alavi and Rahmath. He was a driver at a furniture shop.

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