Scrub Typhus death; Take precautions, symptoms

On the basis of Scrub typhus death cases reported in the Thiruvananthapuram, the district officials warned people to be cautious. Parasuvaikkal native Subitha succumbed to the bacterial infection only on Sunday. A fifteen-year-old girl from Varkala had also died of scrub typhus on June 8. For the past few years, Thiruvananthapuram reported more cases of scrub typhus compared to the other districts. Though more than 200 persons are diagnosed with Scrub typhus annually in the state, the mortality rate caused by the infection is very low. Less than ten deaths are being reported in Kerala yearly. The mite-borne bacterium Orientia Tsutsugamushi has been causing scrub typhus.


Reduce the risk of contact with mites.
Bath using soap and change the clothes daily.
Cover whole body while playing or working on grass.
Regularly cut the grasses and weeds growing wild on the premises.
Clothes shall not be dried by placing them on the floor or grass.
Bath the pet animals regularly.

The symptoms appear only after 10 to 12 days after being infected with the mites. Initially, only red minor marks might be visible on the area where the mite was bitten. But later it would turn out to be a dark scab. Similar rashes may appear on the armpits, genitals, neck and regions where it sweats profusely.
Fever with chills
The appearance of red colour in eyes
Inflammation of lymph nodes
Muscle pain
Dry cough


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