Kuwait recruitement; Mystery deepens in woman’s complaint over human trafficking

Mystery deepens in Kochi woman’s complaint over human trafficking to Kuwait by offering jpb as a caretaker. A young lady of cochin native was scammed promising a caretaker’s job in Kuwait is deepening. The complainant alleged that she was forced to do hard labour and tortured by a Kuwaiti lady. Based on a complaint lodged by the Kochi native, the police registered a case under various charges, including IPC Section 370, human trafficking, etc.

She also mentioned the name of two other women from Kerala, alleged to have been scammed by the same agency. With recent developments, the case is likely to be handed over to NIA. Meanwhile, police nabbed Ajumon, a Ernakulam native and one of the two accused in the case. Majeed, a Kannur native and one of the prime accused, is still absconding. The complainant alleged that Majeed and a ‘Kuwait’ citizen called ‘Mama’ was behind the scam.

The complainant said she approached the agency after seeing an advertisement published looking for a caretaker in Kuwait. Majeed’s recruiting agency offered her salary of Rs 60,000 per month. “When I reached the office, I was assured of a free ticket and visa. He also showed pictures of some women to prove they were living in good conditions,” she said. She was forced to hand over her passport to a stranger after arriving at Dubai airport.

She added that he threatened her by telling that serious repercussions would follow if she refused. Later, she was taken from Dubai to Majeed’s office in Kuwait. She met other women who arrived there like her. Later, a Kuwaiti woman called ‘Mama’ took her away. It is alleged that Majeed received a sum of Rs 3.5 lakh in this deal. According to the complaint, Majeed demanded Rs 3.5 lakh from her husband when he told Majeed to send her back to Kerala. The complaint also alleges that he threatened to sell her to ISIS.


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