Fuel price hike; Dubai, Sharjah taxi fares increases in July

With the fuel price hike in the UAE, taxi fares rise in Dubai and Sharjah. This means that the base fare of Dh12 for taxis remains unchanged in Dubai. “We have implemented a forethought increase without any impact on the opening/booking fare charges,” the RTA statement added. According to taxi drivers, the per-km charge has increased by more than 20 fils.

In Sharjah, the minimum fare has increased from Dh13.50 to Dh17.50, according to taxi drivers. Fares on other public transport modes in Dubai have not increased despite the rise in fuel prices. In Sharjah, some passengers who regularly take the bus to Dubai reported a Dh3 increase in fares. They said they paid Dh20 instead of Dh17 after July 1.

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