Devshayani Ekadesi 2022- Date, the significance of Zodiac signs

Devshayani Ekadesi 2022 will begins on July 10 and will end on November 4. These particular months are said to be favourable for some people while others are advised not to start any new work. In Hinduism, this period holds great importance as it impacts all the 12 zodiac signs.

This time, Children can be able to fulfil some of their dreams. Lord Vishnu worship and parent’s opinion will prove to be more effective for your progress. New avenues of progress will be opened. Light diyas of ghee in the temple of the house for these four months and your wish will be fulfilled.

Taurus- You will be blessed with profit from the business. People of this zodiac sign will get time to spend with family members. You should worship Lord Vishnu. Playing with children at home will be a good and relaxing experience. Do not start any new work during this time because this is not favourable for you yet.

Gemini- This is a better time for you. Travelling abroad for some office work is not favourable for you. Be patient to see progress in your field, it will definitely be beneficial. Many people may be surprised to see your patience. You will get the support of your loved ones in completing any important work. Feed roti/chapati to the cow in these months, all will be well with you.

Cancer- With the company of good people, you will be able to make a good sum of profit. There may be a rift with a close person. There are chances of some kind of confusion or run-up-like situation. Some questions will keep running in your mind, whose solutions may be difficult to find. Read the Chaupai of Shri Ram Charit Manas during Chaturmas, and people’s cooperation will be obtained.

Virgo- People will be greatly impressed by your practical nature. The work you have thought of doing will be completed. Financial matters will strengthen. Before investing, understand everything thoroughly. Donate bananas or apples in the temple on the day of Agiyaras, you will get benefits during Chaturmas.

Scorpio- Businessmen of this zodiac sign may get money. Players of this zodiac sign may be interested in spirituality. You can organize any religious function at home. Donate coconut and mishri in the temple, and the atmosphere of your house will remain pleasant.

Sagittarius- Implementation of new plans in business will open new avenues of progress. For married people of this zodiac sign, spending time with the spouse will bring sweetness to the relationship. There will be cooperation in the family. Chant Gayatri Mantra during these four months, your relationships will be strong.

Aquarius- This is a good opportunity for people associated with the field of science. Your work will get better results. There will be an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the family.

Pisces- Your married life will be happy and there will be sweetness in relationships. There is a possibility of a change in your way of thinking. Work harder in the office and do social work. During this time, offer kheer to Goddess Durga, and new avenues of progress will be open.

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