Internet Density- 87 out of 100 Keralites have an internet connection

According to the statistics from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), 87 of every 100 individuals in Kerala have an internet connection. This is against the national average of 60 out of 100. Kerala thus becomes second on the list of states with a larger number of citizens using the internet.

Delhi holds the first place, which has 186 internet connections for every 100 persons. In rural areas, internet penetration is the highest in Kerala. While in most other States the number of internet connections rises in the urban areas, it is just the opposite in Kerala.

The number of connections per 100 in urban areas of Kerala stands at 64 whereas that in rural Kerala is 149 per 100 persons. At the national level, the same happens to be only 37 per 100 individuals. The number rises to 103 per 100 in urban areas at the national level. The total number of internet connections in Kerala stands at 3.1 crores. Maharashtra has the largest number of internet connections, 7.14 crore. The average data consumption per individual is 14.04 GB.

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