New zoonotic infection found in China, know its symptoms

After the wave of the pandemic a new infection outbreak in China. The new zoonotic virus is named ‘Langya Virus’ by medical researchers, also known as ‘LayV’. According to reports, China has registered 35 cases of this new Henipavirus threat which is lingering upon human survival.

The new virus is said to be spreading from animals. Although the first case of Langya virus in humans was reported in 2019. Chinese health officials are working on the throat samples they have collected from the patients with symptoms and confirmed Langya virus presence.

It is also said that these patients have a history of coming in contact with animals. A few studies show that the Langya virus belongs to the same family as the Nipah virus which spreads from bats. WHO has listed the Nipah virus in the list of suspected pandemics which is so deadly.

Symptoms of Langya Virus:
Muscle spasm
Loss appetite
Body ache

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