Weekly Horoscope (Sept 26 to Oct 2): read about your zodiac signs

Aries- Better days are on your way. This is because you will be able to achieve your dreams and goals in life and your value in society will increase during this time. Your hard work and self-sacrifice will pay off this week. Your family will support you at all times, which will help you to settle all your problems easily. Choose the right one in life so that you can achieve success in less time. Finance will be prosperous as before. During this time you will be able to make some important investments, which will help you in improving your living standard.

Taurus-Believe in your luck and try to plan your actions properly. Otherwise, you will soon encounter bad situations. Make sure you spend quality time with yourself this week. Your personal space will give you relaxation. This festive time will bring some surprises for you. You can also think of marriage as this is a profitable time to do so. You will be on top of your professional life this time. Your financial condition will improve, which can help in investing in a better way.

Gemini- This can lead to adverse situations that you may not have even imagined. You need to realize that luck is not favoring you at present. Your personal life will be full of challenges right now. You will not be able to maintain good relations with your relatives this week. Keep an eye on your siblings from time to time, or they may end up doing things that are not acceptable at all. You need to work as hard as possible and impress your superiors this time. However, this is not a good time for new investments. You may have to bear the loss which you will not be able to cope with. Strengthen your relationship with your partner so that you can trust each other whenever needed.

Cancer- You will be able to achieve big goals in life and also get self-satisfaction. Make sure you are able to connect with your family members in a better way. Your parents will guide you on the right path in life. Health issues may bother you, but you need to keep them under proper control. Your professional life will be stable, which will help you to think about your future. You will be promoted to a new post, as your higher officials will be impressed by your work. You maintain cordial relations with your colleagues. The financial situation will improve, so there is no need to worry.

Leo-This is because you will be able to balance your life in an even better way. This will help you become a mature person and you will be satisfied with yourself. You have to be patient the whole time to get the blessings of others. Misunderstandings in your family will frustrate you and you will not be able to express yourself. Spend some time alone to gain mental stability. The work will go on as usual, and you will be able to get some important projects going. You will give your best to get promoted to the post of your choice. Save the last time of the week for some rest and plan a trip somewhere nearby. Your financial condition will improve and it will help you to make any investment. While it is always a good idea to increase your savings, now is the time to do so. Express your feelings in front of your partner to bring transparency to your relationship. Increase your faith in people this week so that you can trust them whenever necessary.

Virgo-This is not the right time for Virgo sign people to indulge in unnecessary discussions with anyone. Otherwise, you may hurt the feelings of others. Be very careful in the choice of your words, and you will achieve success in due course. Your family members and relatives are going to support you. Be grateful for them and plan outings with them. You also need to keep an eye on your children so that they do not indulge in negativity. You need to pay more attention to your work than ever before. Give enough time to each project so that you can complete them wholeheartedly. Your seniors will be impressed by your work and may also promote you this week. Financial condition will remain stable and you will be able to make better investments.

Libra-Your family will be extremely supportive and they will let you fulfil your dreams. It is your responsibility to give your parents a sense of belongingness of love. Take their valuable advice when required. Your professional life will be stable and you will be able to take some important decisions this week. Business people will find this time beneficial because your stars are going to support you. This is not the time for new investments, otherwise, you may face losses. This week is going to be an important time, at this time you will take positive decisions in your life.

Scorpio-Your family needs to understand your responsibilities in life. You can better connect with each of them. Siblings can be a matter of concern for you at present. You may plan a trip with your parents this week. This is the time when you need to prove yourself to others. Do not let yourself be in any way affected by the negativity of your co-workers and superiors. You will soon be able to emerge victorious. Financial stability will be there and you will be able to invest in risky possibilities. Keep your savings under your control, your savings may be spent for some time. Your partner will be a loving person who is going to take care of you so try to bond with them in a better way.

Sagittarius-These are the relationships that you should give priority in life at present. Do not ignore your health, try to take care of yourself as much as possible, then only you will be able to take care of others in your family. Your professional life is going to go through some difficulties. You will not be able to express yourself well in front of your superiors. It will be disappointing, but try to prove your point whenever possible. Money will increase and you will be able to increase your savings. This week will be important for you and your family. This is because you will achieve something for yourself and not for others. Working selflessly will eventually bear fruit. It is your responsibility to make people realize who you are and what you want.

Capricorn- This is the right time to think about a new beginning in life because you are ready for it in every way. Control your anger, otherwise, your personal life will be affected. Try to remain passive during idle discussions with your family. Your parents will soon find out that it is their fault. You should take your profession seriously at this time. Otherwise, you will miss out on opportunities that could have worked wonders in your life. Your colleagues will support and encourage you during this time. Your financial condition is going to be a bit bad. Increase your savings as much as possible.

Aquarius-It is important that you realize how important your decisions are in the present. You will not be able to articulate yourself in front of your family and relatives. People will take advantage of your surroundings, and they will even make fun of you as someone who is not able to handle problems easily. Presently focus on your profession. This is going to have a positive effect on your personal life as well. You are going to get promoted to a higher post where you need to work even harder. However, the power and privileges you will get will help you prove your point.

Pisces-Make it a goal to spend some time alone to find spiritual satisfaction. You should strike the best balance between your professional and personal life. You will get the full support of your family in this matter. Keep an eye on your kids occasionally so that they don’t get into mischief. Your professional life will be quite stable and you will be able to take some positive decisions in your life. Focus on your current goals so you don’t get distracted. This is a good time for business people as you will get many opportunities. Your financial condition will improve immensely, and you will be able to satisfy yourself with lots of savings. Try to convince your family that unnecessary spending is not favourable.

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