Garlic cheese bread toast for a quick bite

A delightful garlic cheesy toast to bite into is just what we need for a perfect evening. This recipe that can be prepped easily with just a few ingredients is sure to be a hit among kids.


Bread pieces – 4
Mozzarella cheese – As needed
Mayonnaise – As needed
Garlic – 4 chopped
Oregano – As needed
Chilli flakes – As needed
Capsicum – 1

Method of Preparation-
Heat a pan and toast the bread pieces lightly. Add butter or ghee to the pan. Smear mayonnaise on top of the bread pieces. Then add chopped garlic, capsicum, mozzarella cheese, oregano and chilli flakes on top. Adding water to the sides of bread while on the pan will prevent the pieces from getting burnt. Also closing the pan will prevent the cheese from melting too much and spreading out over the bread. Easy garlic cheese toasts are ready!

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