why Cold water baths in winter can be fatal; can cause stroke, heart attack?

Bathing makes you refreshed and keeps away you from diseases. But bathing in winter can cause heart-related issues in many people. According to health experts, cold causes blood vessels to contract by raising blood pressure and increasing the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

However, many people take baths in chilled, cold water, citing many health benefits like reduction in inflammation, pain relief, low-stress levels, and reduction in sores and fatigue. A heart attack or a stroke happens when your muscles do not get enough blood or a blocked because of a blood clot.

This reduces the supply of oxygen, which can have hazardous consequences. Cold water shocks the body, causing blood vessels in the skin to contract, slowing the blood flow in your body. Hence, the heart starts beating faster to be able to pump blood around the body. Avoid cold water baths instead that use warm or lukewarm water. Eat a healthy diet in winter.

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