Human sacrifice case: Mortal of a TN woman handed over to family

In the brutal human sacrifice case in Elanthoor, the police handed over the mortal remains of Padma, from Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu who was brutally killed in the name of ritual. The incident shocked the conscience of humans, two, Roslyn and Padma were killed by a group of three including a woman.

This was part of black magic to get fortune for the couple Bhagval Singh and his wife Laila. The prime accused Mohammed Shafi had lured Roslyn and Padma to the residence of Bhagval Singh and Laila and they killed them brutally in two separate incidents. It was a missing person case lodged by the relatives of Padma, a lottery seller, that led to the tracing of her telephone number and reaching up to the main culprit, Mohammed Shafi.

The family of Padma had petitioned the Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan, that Padma’s mortal remains be handed over to them so that they could give her a traditional funeral. Padma’s son Selvaraj had complained to the Chief Minister that he did not have ample money to survive in Kochi for the wait for the mortal remains of his mother.

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