Global Forced Displacement Hits Record 120 Million: UN Report

The United Nations has reported a record high of 120 million people globally living in forced displacement due to conflicts, violence, and persecution, marking a significant and concerning increase. This number has risen from 110 million a year ago and has been steadily climbing for 12 consecutive years, nearly tripling since 2012. The UNHCR, the UN’s refugee agency, highlighted ongoing conflicts in places like Gaza, Sudan, and Myanmar as major factors driving this displacement crisis.

UNHCR’s Filippo Grandi described the situation as a severe indictment of the world’s current state, noting that crises are escalating, exacerbated by climate change impacts and disregard for international law during conflicts. He expressed pessimism about reversing this trend without significant shifts in global geopolitics.

Of the 120 million forcibly displaced people, 68.3 million are internally displaced within their own countries, while 43.4 million are refugees or in need of international protection. Contrary to common perception, most refugees are hosted in neighboring countries and low- to middle-income nations, rather than wealthier countries.

Specific conflict zones like Sudan, where civil war has displaced millions, and ongoing crises in countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Ukraine, and Syria contribute significantly to these alarming figures. The situation in Gaza, where a large portion of the population has been displaced due to recent conflict, and the ongoing displacement crisis in Syria, underscore the magnitude and complexity of the global displacement challenge as reported by UNHCR.

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