WhatsApp Enhances Video Calling Features Across Mobile and Desktop Apps

WhatsApp has announced significant enhancements to its video calling capabilities across both mobile and desktop applications. The key updates include an expansion of the participant limit for group video calls, now allowing up to 32 members to join simultaneously. Previously, the limit on the WhatsApp Desktop app was capped at eight participants, highlighting a substantial increase in capacity.

Additionally, WhatsApp has introduced features to improve screen sharing during video calls. Users can now share audio alongside their screen, enhancing the experience of watching videos or presentations together remotely. This update aims to make collaborative interactions more seamless and engaging for users across different devices.

A notable new addition is the ‘speaker spotlight’ feature, designed to highlight the current speaker during group video calls. This functionality is intended to facilitate smoother communication in larger meetings by visually indicating who is speaking without users needing to check the participant list.

WhatsApp’s latest updates are set to roll out gradually across mobile and desktop platforms in the upcoming weeks. Alongside these enhancements, Meta Platforms, WhatsApp’s parent company, has introduced the Meta Low Bitrate (MLow) codec. This codec is designed to optimize audio and video compression, ensuring efficient data transfer over the internet. Meta claims that MLow can enhance audio quality, particularly beneficial for users on slower internet connections, while surpassing the quality provided by the previous Opus codec.

These improvements mark WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and functionality, catering to the increasing demand for reliable and feature-rich communication tools in both personal and professional settings.

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