Air India Express Introduces Fare Lock Service: Secure Your Ticket Fares Now for Rs 250 Only

Air India Express has introduced a fare lock service designed to help passengers avoid the high costs often associated with last-minute ticket purchases. This service allows passengers to lock in ticket fares at the current minimum rate for up to seven days, ensuring the fare remains unchanged.

Key Details:

Fare Locking Fee: Rs 250 for domestic flights, Rs 500 for international flights.

Availability: Fares can be locked on the Air India Express website.

Duration: The locked fare is valid for seven days.

No Immediate Payment: Only the locking fee is required at the time of locking the fare.

Exclusions: The fare lock service is not available for codeshare bookings.

Chief Commercial Officer Ankur Garg highlighted that this service is accessible through the airline’s website, providing a convenient option for travelers to secure affordable fares in advance.

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