Delightful Eid-al-Adha Recipes to Elevate Your Feast

Eid-al-Adha, celebrated worldwide on June 17, is a time for families and friends to come together and enjoy a variety of delicious dishes. Here are four flavorful recipes to try for your Eid-al-Adha feast:

  1. Cajun Prawns with Mango Salsa Cajun cuisine, known for its rustic style, uses locally available ingredients like crawfish, shrimp, and andouille sausage.


Prawns: 4 (large size)

Lime zest: 1⁄2 lemon

Chili flakes: 1 tsp

Salt and pepper: as required

Sunflower oil: 1 Tbsp

For Mango Salsa:

Mango, peeled and chopped (sour): 1

Crushed ginger: 1 tbsp

Onion, chopped: 1

Lemon juice: 1 lemon

Tomato, chopped: 1

Coriander leaves, chopped: 1 Tbsp

Pomegranate: 2 Tbsp

Salt and pepper: as required


Marinate the prawns with chili flakes, salt, and pepper. Set aside.

Heat oil in a frying pan and grill the marinated prawns.

In a bowl, combine chopped sour mango, onion, tomato, coriander leaves, ginger, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Mix well.

Place a pastry ring on a serving plate, fill with mango salsa, and top with grilled prawns.

Garnish with lemon zest and coriander leaves.

2. Crackling Chicken


Chicken Breast: 80 g

Carrot: 40 g

Capsicum: 30 g

Onion: 30 g

Garlic: 1 tsp

Ginger: 1 tsp

Green chili: 1 tsp

Crispy noodles: 30 g

All-purpose flour: 1 tbsp

Ginger Garlic paste: 1 tsp

Corn starch: 1 tbsp

Egg white: 1

Salt: as needed

Pepper: 1⁄2 tbsp

Tomato sauce: 1 ½ tbsp

Soy sauce: 1 tsp

Chili sauce: 1 tbsp

Chili flakes: a pinch

Sugar: 1 tsp

Sesame seeds: a pinch

Leeks: 1 tbsp

Oil: as needed


Cut the chicken into thin strips and coat with salt, pepper, ginger-garlic paste, egg white, corn flour, and maida. Fry the chicken.

Heat oil in a pan and sauté chopped ginger, garlic, green chili, carrot, capsicum, and onion. Add sauces, salt, pepper, chili flakes, and sugar. Sauté well.

Add fried chicken strips and crispy noodles. Mix well.

Sprinkle sesame seeds and serve hot.

3. Kuthukozhi


Chicken breast: 100 g

Chili powder: 1 tbsp

Turmeric powder: ½ tsp

Coriander powder: ½ tbsp

Chicken Masala: 1 tsp

Ginger garlic paste: 1 tbsp

Curd: 1 ½ tbsp

Lemon juice: 1 lemon

Shallots, chopped: 5

Coconut milk: 2 tbsp

Corn flour: 1 tbsp

Curry leaves: 2 strands

Salt: 1 tsp

Pepper: 1 tsp

Coconut oil: 3 tbsp


Cut chicken into small pieces and poke holes using a fork. Marinate with spices, curd, lemon juice, coconut milk, salt, pepper, and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Keep for an hour.

Heat remaining oil in a frying pan and add curry leaves. Grill the marinated chicken, turning over until cooked. Transfer to a serving dish and garnish with fried curry leaves.

4. Corn and Cheese Balls


Sweet corn: 100 g

Cheddar cheese: 30 g

Onion, chopped: 2 tbsp

Tomato, chopped: 2 tbsp

Chives, chopped: 2 tbsp

Bread, sides removed: 2 slices

Corn flour: 2 tbsp

Corn flakes: 60 g

Salt and pepper: as needed

Sunflower oil: as required


Boil sweet corn and crush. In a bowl, combine corn, chopped onion, tomato, chives, bread crumbs, salt, and pepper. Mix well.

Form small balls from the mixture, placing cheese pieces in the center.

Prepare corn flour slurry. Dip corn balls and coat with powdered cornflakes. Deep fry.

Serve with tomato ketchup and mayonnaise.

Enjoy these delectable recipes and make your Eid-al-Adha feast unforgettable!

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