Do Tattoos Cause Cancer? Here’s What You Need to Know

Tattooing has gained immense popularity today, serving as both a statement and a style choice. People of all genders adorn their bodies with unique designs, shapes, and words in various colors. However, thorough studies investigating the long-term effects of tattoos remain scarce.

A recent study conducted at Lund University in Sweden suggested a potential link between tattoos and lymphoma, a cancer affecting the lymphatic system. The study, involving 12,000 participants, revealed that individuals with at least one tattoo had a 21% higher risk of developing lymphoma. Despite these findings, the study did not establish how tattoos might contribute to cancer.

Lead researcher Cristeel Nielsen, an associate professor at Lund University, speculated that the inflammation caused by tattoos could play a role in cancer development. Additionally, the chemicals present in tattoo ink were considered a potential factor. However, the report emphasized the need for further research to substantiate these theories.

Dr. Timothy Rebek, a professor at the TH Chan School of Public Health, University of Harvard, highlighted in an interview with CNN that the current study does not provide conclusive evidence linking tattoos to cancer. The findings were published in the eClinicalMedicine journal.

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