Tips for Growing Gardens in Kerala Without Spending Too Much Time or Money

Many people feel they can’t enjoy gardening due to busy schedules or lack of space in urban areas. However, by choosing low-maintenance plants, you can add greenery to your home while saving time, money, and water. Here are some simple tips to keep your garden clean and beautiful:

Spacious Front Yard:

Garden Sections: If you have a spacious front yard, divide it into sections such as a rock garden, pebble garden, or Japanese-style Zen garden.

Plant Selection: Choose plants that match the theme. For example, cacti and rocky artifacts for a rock garden or golden pothos for a pebble garden.

Weather-Suited Plants: Opt for plants that thrive in Kerala’s unique weather conditions. Bushes are ideal for smaller spaces, while shade-loving plants can be placed in areas with less sunlight. Hybrid hibiscus and roses do well in sunny spots.

Water Twice a Week:

Low-Water Plants: Families with busy schedules can grow plants that need watering only twice a week, such as Cece plants and dwarf varieties of sansevieria, which can be planted both indoors and outdoors.

Haven of Greenery:

Leafy Plants: Choose leafy plants over flowering ones as they require less water and care.

Eugenia: Bright red leaves that need regular trimming, perfect for sunny spots.

Decorative Bushes: Pothos, needle grass ribbon, and garss cynconium need minimal care. Golden and marble-patterned pothos add a beautiful touch.

Creeping Figs: Long-lasting and low-maintenance, these can be kept fresh with occasional water spraying.

Colourful Flowers:

Bougainvillea: Thrives even in summer, requires pruning in October, and grows well in dry areas.

Adenium (Desert Rose): Beautiful flowers needing desert-like conditions, watered twice a week, and pruned as necessary (avoid monsoon season).

Hamelia: Blooms year-round, attracts honey bees and birds, and requires regular pruning.


Ideal for Small Spaces: Perfect for ceilings of car porches, porticos, or as natural ceilings in gazebos.

Varieties: Thumburjia, golden cascade, wild alamanda, bleeding heart, and Rangoon creeper.

Golden Cascades: Bloom year-round with minimal sunshine, propagated from stems.

Aparajitha: Spreads abundantly with charming white, blue, and violet flowers.

Indoor Plants:

Temperature Control: Besides adding beauty, indoor plants help reduce indoor heat. Use smart pots in flats or apartments to prevent leakage.

Aglonima: Available in over 20 hues, prefers low humidity, and can decay in high moisture. Grow from saplings.

Cece Plant: Thrives in low light or dry places, and maintains vibrancy with gentle leaf wiping. Use loosened organic manure for nourishment.

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