Will Actor Ramesh Pisharody Run in the Palakkad By-Election?

The Palakkad and Chelakkara assembly constituencies are gearing up for by-elections following the success of Shafi Parambil and K Radhakrishnan in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls. Initially, there was speculation about K Muraleedharan contesting from Palakkad, but he has decided against it, informing party leadership of his intention to seek an assembly seat from Vattiyoorkavu in Thiruvananthapuram instead.

In the wake of Muraleedharan’s decision, rumors emerged about cine actor and Congress supporter Ramesh Pisharody potentially running for the seat. However, Pisharody has dismissed these rumors, stating he is not interested in electoral politics at the moment. Nonetheless, he confirmed his commitment to actively campaign for Congress in both Palakkad and Chelakkara.

Insider reports suggest that the BJP is considering nominating a woman leader for the Palakkad by-election. Sobha Surendran, known for her ability to increase BJP’s vote share, is reportedly a strong contender. Another name under consideration is C Krishnakumar. The final decision will be made by the central leadership. Sobha Surendran has previously demonstrated her electoral prowess by significantly boosting BJP’s vote percentage in Alappuzha, traditionally a communist stronghold, which underscores her potential to succeed in Palakkad.

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