Putin Arrives in North Korea After 24 Years

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital, on Wednesday morning, marking his first official visit to the country in 24 years. He was warmly greeted at the airport by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Putin’s visit occurs as both nations face significant international isolation. Russia is under global sanctions following its invasion of Ukraine, and political analysts suggest Putin is seeking alliances with other isolated countries like North Korea.

In preparation for Putin’s arrival, the streets of Pyongyang were adorned with Russian flags and posters of Putin. A red carpet was laid out at the airport, and posters proclaiming “Friendship between North Korea and Russia are immortal” were displayed throughout the city.

During his visit, Putin is expected to discuss various topics with Kim Jong Un and sign several important agreements, including those on future cooperation on security issues, according to Kremlin spokesman Yuri Ushakov. Experts believe the visit will emphasize strengthening defense ties between the two nations.

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