Rising Prices and Scarcity Hit Kerala’s Fish Market

With a trawling ban in effect, Kerala’s coastal regions face challenges, significantly impacting fish availability and prices. Consumers are now dependent on fish caught by canoes and inboard boats. However, the selection is limited, and prices are soaring. A visitor to the Vellayil fishing harbor in Kozhikode expressed frustration, noting the high cost and limited availability of fresh fish, particularly sardines, which are now priced between Rs 250-300, similar to prawns.

Prawns remain relatively plentiful, while sardines (mathi) and mackerels (ayala) occasionally appear in the market. The scarcity has driven up prices, causing distress among fish enthusiasts. Relief is expected as frozen fish shipments from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, where the trawling ban has ended, start arriving in Kerala.

Fishermen are facing severe financial stress due to the ban, with difficult conditions reported from Vellayil, Koyilandy, and Vadakara. Congress district president V Umesh has called for state government financial aid to support these workers. Meanwhile, authorities have intensified market inspections to manage the influx of fish from neighboring states.

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