Current Gold and Silver Prices in Kerala: Updates for Today

The allure of gold remains strong in Kerala as residents closely monitor the fluctuating prices of this precious metal amidst global economic uncertainties and local market dynamics. Whether for investment purposes or indulging in luxury purchases, staying updated on the latest gold and silver prices is crucial. As of today, the prices for 24 carat gold in Kerala stand at ₹ 7,237 per gram, ₹ 57,896 for 8 grams, and ₹ 72,370 for 10 grams.

vvMeanwhile, 22 carat gold is priced at ₹ 6,634 per gram, ₹ 53,072 for 8 grams, and ₹ 66,340 for 10 grams. Additionally, silver prices are recorded at ₹ 96.40 per gram, ₹ 771.20 for 8 grams, and ₹ 964 for 10 grams. These prices reflect ongoing market fluctuations and are essential for making informed decisions in both the investment and jewellery sectors.

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