Kid-Friendly Noodle Soup: A Quick Recipe

Kids are often drawn to the delightful simplicity of noodle soup, making it a perfect evening treat. This quick and easy recipe combines the comforting flavors of sautéed vegetables with instant noodles, creating a nourishing snack that children will eagerly enjoy.


2 packets instant noodles

1 onion

1 tomato

1 small piece ginger

1 green chilli

1 tsp tomato sauce

Water as required


Heat oil in a pan.

Saute the vegetables (onion, tomato, ginger, and green chilli) until soft.

Blend the sauteed vegetables into a smooth paste.

Heat some more oil in the pan.

Add the blended vegetables and sauté for a few seconds.

Add the noodles, the included masala packets, and tomato sauce.

Pour in water as required.

Cook until it turns into a noodle soup consistency.

Enjoy this tasty noodle soup as a delicious and comforting evening snack for kids!

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