WhatsApp Introduces Group Chat Events Feature on iOS

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature for its iOS users, allowing them to create events directly within group chats. This update, which follows earlier testing in beta versions for Android, enhances the app’s functionality by integrating event management capabilities within its messaging platform.

Previously, WhatsApp users could only create events within Communities, facilitating activities like online meetings and engagements among members. Now, with the latest update (version 24.13.72) on WhatsApp for iOS, this capability extends to group chats as well. Users can initiate the event creation process by tapping the “+” icon within a chat, selecting the “Event” option from the activity menu.

The event creation menu allows users to specify details such as the event name, description, start time, and optionally, the location. Additionally, there is an option to include a WhatsApp call link, enabling participants to easily join a WhatsApp call directly from the event interface.

Gadgets 360 staff members have confirmed accessing this feature after updating their WhatsApp app to the latest version. As with most updates, the rollout is gradual, so it may take some time for all iOS users to receive the new feature.

In addition to the event creation feature, WhatsApp has been expanding its AI capabilities. Recently, the platform introduced Meta AI chatbots, including models like Llama 3-70B and Llama 3-405B. These AI models are designed to offer varying functionalities, from quick responses to more complex interactions, enhancing user experience within the app.

While the Llama 3-70B model is already in use, the larger Llama 3-405B model has been spotted in WhatsApp for Android beta versions, indicating potential future enhancements to WhatsApp’s AI chatbot offerings.

Overall, these updates reflect WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to integrate new functionalities and improve user engagement through enhanced communication tools and AI-driven interactions.

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