Safety Concerns Mount at Kappil Beach: Tourists’ Lives at Risk

Kappil Beach in Thiruvananthapuram has witnessed tragic incidents resulting in the loss of at least four lives, highlighting critical safety lapses and mismanagement by the tourism department. Despite being a bustling tourist destination, the beach is equipped with only one lifeguard, far below the demanded number of four. Recently, tragedy struck when two members of a family drowned while the sole lifeguard was on leave, a situation exacerbated by the lack of alternate arrangements from either the coastal police or the tourism department on a busy holiday.

The estuary’s deceptive appearance, with seemingly knee-deep waters, conceals treacherous gorges and strong undercurrents that pose significant risks to unsuspecting visitors. Despite being frequented by both domestic and foreign tourists, the beach lacks adequate warning signs and safety measures, compounding the danger. Calls have intensified for a temporary ban on beach and estuary access until safer conditions prevail, especially during the monsoon season.

While neighboring Varkala Beach benefits from a robust lifeguard presence with 16 lifeguards, the solitary lifeguard at Kappil Beach has reportedly been working under strenuous conditions, often without sufficient rest or leave. Despite saving numerous lives in challenging circumstances, the absence of a backup plan during the lifeguard’s absence underscores the urgent need for improved safety protocols and increased staffing to prevent further tragedies.

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