Anna Ben Shines in ‘Kalki 2898 AD’: No Stunt Double, Dubbing in 4 Languages

Anna Ben has impressed critics with her dedication and versatility in the film ‘Kalki 2898 AD’ by Nag Ashwin. Known for her roles in Malayalam cinema, Anna tackled new challenges in this multi-star film alongside Prabhas, Amitabh Bachchan, and Deepika Padukone. “When Nag Ashwin approached me, I was excited to join such a star-studded cast and be part of this fictional world,” Anna shared. Despite the daunting task of performing major scenes, including fight sequences, Anna eagerly embraced the challenge. “Nag Ashwin made me feel comfortable and encouraged me to do light workouts to ease the shoot,” she said.

Although stunts could have been performed by doubles, the crew, noticing her enthusiasm, asked if she would attempt the stunts herself. “They encouraged me to try, saying it would be ideal if it worked out,” she recalled. Coordinated by Nick Powell, Anna successfully performed her first stunt sequence on a sandboard and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. To prepare for her role as Kyra, Anna kept her physique in top shape, maintained long hair, and did light workouts. She also revisited her boxing skills from a previous film and underwent additional training. Demonstrating further commitment, Anna dubbed her lines in four languages—Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam. “I didn’t dub in Kannada initially because I wasn’t familiar with it, but after completing the other four languages, I wished I had done Kannada too,” she explained.

Anna, a huge fan of actress Shobana, was eagerly awaiting their meeting. “I couldn’t sleep anticipating our meeting. Although we did a scene together, it didn’t make the final cut,” she added. Filming in Ramoji Film City, often at two locations simultaneously, added to the challenges, with the crew enforcing strict secrecy and banning mobile phones on set to prevent leaks. Anna admitted feeling nervous about delivering her lines in Telugu, not wanting to hold back the senior actors. Despite this, her performance has been widely admired. Fans have expressed interest in seeing Kyra in a sequel. “I asked the director about Kyra’s appearance in the next sequence. He said nothing is decided yet, but I am hopeful and would be delighted if my character returns,” Anna concluded.

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