Cholera Outbreak in Kerala: Health Department Steps Up Preventive Measures

The Kerala Health Department has intensified preventive measures following the confirmation of a cholera case at the hostel of Sri Karunya Special School in Neyyattinkara. The situation emerged after a young resident of the hostel died from diarrhoea, and another resident was diagnosed with cholera. Currently, 17 individuals at the institution are being treated for diarrhoea, with cholera medication administered to those affected.

This incident marks the first cholera-related death in Kerala since 2017, with a total of nine cases reported so far this year. Under the direction of the District Medical Officer, preventive actions have been implemented in the area. The Health Department’s additional director visited the facility to assess the situation following directives from the health minister. Initially suspected to be a case of food poisoning, health officials promptly responded by conducting tests on water and other samples to identify it as cholera.

Health Minister Veena George emphasized the importance of immediate testing and treatment for symptomatic individuals. She noted that isolation wards are ready at Iranimuttom to accommodate any new cases. Efforts are underway to trace and monitor individuals who have recently left the care home. Children exhibiting cholera symptoms are receiving specialized care, and awareness campaigns on cholera prevention have been intensified across schools and institutions.

Cholera, caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae, spreads rapidly through contaminated water and food. Its symptoms include severe diarrhoea and vomiting, leading to dehydration and potentially serious complications if untreated. Prevention measures highlighted include drinking boiled water, consuming thoroughly cooked food, and practising thorough hand hygiene. Immediate medical attention is advised for anyone experiencing symptoms of cholera to prevent severe illness and mortality.

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