Meet K.V. Bijimol: The Designer Behind Nehru Trophy Boat Race’s New Mascot

K.V. Bijimol, the talented graphic designer responsible for creating the lucky mascot for the 70th annual Nehru Trophy Boat Race (NTBR), is elated to have earned this prestigious recognition. “As a graphic designer, I know how hard it is to get your work appreciated and acknowledged by others. I hope that my winning this honor opens the doors for more women in the field to make a name for themselves. Being able to win this is an extremely big honor,” says Bijimol.

This year, her design, featuring a kingfisher rowing a toy boat, was selected as the winning mascot. Bijimol, a resident of Pathanamthitta, is the first woman to have her design chosen for this honor. “It was unexpected. I am very happy and honored,” she shares. Inspired by nature, Bijimol’s concept of a kingfisher rowing a boat was born from her fascination with the way boats glide through water, reminiscent of a kingfisher’s swift movement through the air.

Bijimol’s journey to this achievement has been remarkable. She had to leave her job when she was pregnant with her first child, and is now an entrepreneur running her own company, Magic Minds, with the support of her husband, Nithin S, who is also a graphic artist. She is a proud mother to a nine-month-old son, Atharv.

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