UGC’s Decision on Annamalai University’s Distance Courses Leaves Graduates in Limbo

The delay in addressing the cancellation of recognition for Annamalai University’s distance education courses is significantly impacting the employment prospects of many graduates. Students who obtained undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the university through distance education between 2015 and 2022 are facing a crisis. The withdrawal of the University Grants Commission’s (UGC) approval for these courses has jeopardized their chances of securing employment.

Even after completing their courses, students require an equivalency certificate to seek employment in Kerala. However, when they approached universities in Kerala for this certificate, they were denied on the grounds that such certificates cannot be issued for courses whose approval has been cancelled by the UGC.

In response, graduates have sought legal recourse, approaching both the High Court and Supreme Court for a resolution. The UGC carried out the de-accreditation process for Annamalai University’s distance education programs in March 2022, stating that the university, being a state institution, does not have permission to run distance education centers outside Tamil Nadu.

Despite the university operating such centers in various states, including Kerala, with the permission of the Madras High Court, the UGC remains firm in its stance. In January 2023, the high court ordered the approval of these courses, but the UGC has refused to comply. The Supreme Court is set to consider this petition in July, which could determine the future of many affected graduates.

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