Bekal Beach to Host New Destination Wedding Centre: Boost for Kerala Tourism

A new destination wedding centre is being developed at Bekal Beach under the supervision of the Tourism Department. Situated on government land adjacent to the beach, the centre has received a sanctioned budget of Rs 1.2 crore for construction, along with an additional Rs 30 lakhs allocated for other facilities.

Bekal Fort and its picturesque beach are major attractions on Kerala’s tourism map, drawing numerous visitors. The area also features five-star hotels where wedding celebrations are typically held. However, destination weddings have not yet been officially announced. With the completion of this new project, Bekal will soon claim this title.

The centre will provide a venue for weddings amidst the scenic beauty of the beach, with facilities for banquets and guest relaxation. Kasaragod District Tourism Promotion Council Secretary Lijo Joseph mentioned that an open venue for wedding ceremonies will be created, with a design that highlights the unique features of the location.

This will be the second destination wedding centre in the state managed by the tourism department, following the first one in Shanghumugham, Thiruvananthapuram.

Destination Wedding

A destination wedding, typically held at a popular tourist spot with only close relatives and friends, offers a unique and intimate celebration. Previously held at homes, places of worship, or auditoriums, these weddings can span from a single day to several days. The establishment of Bekal as a destination wedding center is expected to boost local tourism.

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