India’s Evolving Snack Preferences: From Chocolates to Spicy Peri Peri

India’s snacking habits are evolving, blending time-honored traditions with trendy, bold flavors. A recent report by Farmley reveals fascinating insights into the snacking preferences of the country’s diverse population, particularly focusing on Millennials and Gen Z.

Chocolate remains the top choice across generations, preferred by 65% of Gen Z, 63% of Millennials, 46% of Gen X, and 40% of Boomers. Mango follows closely, appealing to 50% of Millennials, 41% of Gen X, 40% of Gen Z, and 30% of Boomers.

Fiery Peri Peri flavors are gaining popularity among younger Indians, with 44% of those surveyed showing a strong preference for this spicy option. This trend is especially popular in quick-service restaurants. In contrast, older generations remain loyal to the classic black pepper. Surprisingly, the Achaari flavor, designed for Indian palates, is not as popular as expected across all age groups.

Vanilla holds the third spot in popularity, with 42% of Millennials, 38% of Gen Z, 35% of Gen X, and 31% of Boomers savoring its comforting sweetness.

Tea and coffee are integral to India’s snacking culture. The study shows that 63% of Boomers, 61% of Gen X, 51% of Millennials, and 58% of Gen Z enjoy a snack with their cup of tea or coffee. This combination is especially comforting for more than 60% of homemakers, non-working individuals, and salaried professionals.

Millennials lead in social snacking, with over 40% indulging while socializing, traveling, or binge-watching shows, followed by 33% of Gen Z. Notably, 39% of Indians snack twice as much on weekends compared to weekdays.

India’s snacking landscape is undergoing a healthy transformation. Makhanas and dry fruits are emerging as popular choices, with 67% of respondents opting for nutrient-packed snacks. Despite this trend, Gen Z is less concerned about ingredient labels, with only 69% paying attention to them, the lowest among all generations.

The study underscores a nationwide shift towards healthier snack alternatives. Over 94% of participants expressed a desire for snack brands to offer more health-conscious options.

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