Instagram Prioritizes Short-Form Content Over Long Videos to Enhance User Experience, Says Adam Mosseri

Instagram, Meta Platforms’ popular photo and video-sharing app, will focus on short-form content rather than long videos, according to Adam Mosseri, head of the company. This strategic decision aligns with Instagram’s “core identity” of connecting people with friends and helping them explore their interests.

Focus on Short-Form Content

Responding to a user’s question about Instagram’s direction regarding long-form videos, Mosseri posted a short video clip on the platform, clearly stating that Instagram will not prioritize long-form videos. He elaborated on the rationale behind this strategy, emphasizing the platform’s dual objectives: connecting users with friends and enabling them to explore their interests. These goals are considered “symbiotic,” as short videos like Instagram Reels encourage users to share content with friends who have similar interests, fostering connections and continuous interaction.

Impact of Long-Form Videos

Mosseri explained that long-form videos, such as 10- or 20-minute clips, do not support the same level of interaction. Users watching lengthy videos see less content from friends and are less likely to share these videos, leading to reduced engagement with friends. This disconnect undermines Instagram’s core identity, prompting the decision to steer clear of the long-form video business.

IGTV Discontinuation

Instagram’s previous attempt at long-form content, IGTV, was launched in 2018, allowing users to upload videos up to an hour long. However, it was discontinued in 2022 as the company shifted its focus towards supporting Instagram Reels, which align better with their objectives of connecting friends and helping users explore their interests.

This strategic move underscores Instagram’s commitment to enhancing user experience by prioritizing content that promotes interaction and engagement within the platform’s community.

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