Tata Motors Strengthens Logistics Footprint: Invests Rs 150 Crore in Freight Tiger

Tata Motors has taken a significant step in bolstering India’s logistics landscape with its recent investment of Rs 150 crore in Freight Tiger, acquiring a substantial 26.79% stake in the digital logistics platform. The deal, formalized through a securities subscription agreement and a shareholder agreement, not only showcases Tata Motors’ commitment to innovation but also highlights its focus on the evolving digital logistics sphere in the country.

Freight Tiger, recognized for its end-to-end logistics solutions, plays a pivotal role in transforming the way cargo moves within India. With an authorized share capital of Rs 7.37 crore and a turnover of Rs 19 crore in FY23, Freight Tiger stands as a robust player in the digital logistics market. Tata Motors’ strategic investment is expected to significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the truck and freight ecosystem in the country.

This move comes in synergy with Tata Motors’ earlier initiative, the connected vehicle platform ‘Fleet Edge.’ By integrating Fleet Edge with Freight Tiger, Tata Motors aims to create a seamless, end-to-end digital ecosystem for the entire logistics value chain. The collaboration is set to bring about a revolution in the logistics sector, offering numerous benefits to shippers, brokers, and transporters by improving operational efficiency and sustainability.

Girish Wagh, Executive Director at Tata Motors, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, emphasizing the alignment of vision between Tata Motors and Freight Tiger. Together, the partnership is poised to create new avenues for growth, ensuring value creation for customers, partners, and stakeholders. Tata Motors’ proactive approach in investing in innovative digital solutions underlines its commitment to shaping the future of logistics in India.

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